Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1 October 2021 Episode Written Update (1/10/2021)

bade achhe lagte hain 2

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st October 2021 Written Episode Update , Sony Tv Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st October 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Ram Learns Priya’s Trouble

Air Date: 1st October 2021

Full Written Update: Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1/10/2021 Episode Start with  Shivi and Shubham contending. Nandini doesn’t see the video. She requests that they go in a similar vehicle. She asks what’s this. They see Ram feeling unwell. They hurry to Ram. Nandini drops the telephone. Mother picks the telephone. Nandini asks what occurred, somebody get the water, specialist… . Smash says I m alright, I m not ready to relax. Specialist really looks at Ram. Smash says I think its sharpness. Specialist says its not corrosiveness, get him in. They take Ram. Meera and family go to the local area lobby. They like the corridor. They see Bunty marries Bubbly there. Sara jokes on Priya. Maitri accompanies Neeraj. He says another wedding is going on inside.

Priya says they said we will get the corridor. Sandy asks Neeraj is he lying. Akki says I will proceed to check. Meera asks how might we do on the off chance that we don’t get the corridor. Neeraj insults them. Priya requests that he proceed to sit in his AC vehicle. The man invites them. He says its a local area marriage corridor, the main party arrived behind schedule, you need to pause, I can’t make them out. Sandy says they didn’t begin the food, it will take a lot of time. Director says I can’t forcibly feed them, I can give you a sitting area, stay there. Priya says we don’t need a lounge area, proceed to accomplish something, what will we tell Ram and his family. Specialist actually takes a look at Ram. Slam asks what will we tell Priya and her family. Specialist says you have high bp, you need to take bp meds.

Slam says its corrosiveness. Specialist says you have high bp, quit having cakes and desserts. Nandini requests Adi to take care from Ram’s eating regimen. Vikrant says we will see it. Nandini asks Ram not to eat in the marriage. Slam asks what will I have. Specialist says have ghee upma, don’t have a clue about its there in marriage menu or not. Smash says I will have t, I know, I will get it there, am I fine, would i be able to proceed to wed. Specialist says yes. Nandini says we got late, we should leave. Sara asks will we take Ram’s assistance. Priya says this marriage obligation is our own, we can’t call Ram for help. Shashi admonishes Mahender. Vedika says fail to remember this, nobody became acquainted with anything. Shashi yells on her. He says proceed to make a beverage for me, I m talking.

She goes. Mahender says I know nothing, Sid went to my home, he and his companions become inebriated, I don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred, for what reason will I ruin your terms with Ram. Rakhi says I will help Vedika and come. She hears Vedika’s discussion with her companion. She says we can’t come. The young lady says Ram got unwell, pulse, perhaps he is in strain, he had vexed you and Shashi. Vedika says no, we are fine, I addressed Ram. The young lady says he is fine at this point. Vedika says tune in, Ram is sensitive to prawns, ensure he doesn’t eat prawns. Rakhi hears this and grins. She goes. Slam leaves in the vehicle. He visits with Brinda and companions. He gets Priya’s message. Sara says we should take Ram’s assistance.

Priya says no need, he would be occupied, Akki and Mama ji have gone, they should arrive behind schedule. Slam sees the video and grins. He says Priya is disturbed on the grounds that her father isn’t coming, will I proceed to pick her father from his home, assuming Priya feels upset. The driver says we lost the way. Akki says they are as yet having food, I should call Ram. Priya gets Ram’s call. Meera says tell him, he would be coming. Slam says sorry, I didn’t see your missed call, I need to ask something, will you blow up. She says no, for what reason does everybody think so. He says I need to know the heading, we are lost. She asks where are you. He tells the sweet shop name. Akki says it implies he will come in 30 minutes. Smash asks how will I respond. Sandy says tell some far course. Meera says tell the right course.

Priya lets him know the course. He says your voice looks focused, are you fine. She says yes. The administrator says the corridor will take 45 mins to get empty. Smash hears this. Priya says talk gradually, say thanks to God call got separated. Akki says we need to accomplish something, Sandy. Raj asks how might I offer this to Ram. Rakhi requests that he go. He asks is it prawns, it smells pleasant. He asks how will I respond, for what reason to give this. She says don’t ruin this, give this tiffin to Ram, he will eat this and fall debilitated, he is hypersensitive to prawns, he will each the clinic. Slam converses with his loved ones. He says Priya doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the course, I got the course, take the parkway. Adi says there is gridlock. Shubham says it shows 30 mins on this course. Slam says the vehicle will stall out in that limited course, take my course and come.

Nandini says alright. Slam says I got the way, however objective is far, nobody will arrive in 60 minutes. Priya requests that Twinkle call Vikrant and ask where is he. Maitri says call him and get some information about support. Brinda says Ram is letting us know the course. Kunal says Priya will let him know everything from now. Vikrant gets Twinkle’s call. Sparkle requests the check. She says all of you didn’t come. He says we don’t have the foggiest idea where we will be, we are coming, what occurred, are you missing me. She says I m pausing, I can’t hear you. He says we will come in one hour and four mins. They hear 4 mins and stress. Priya says Nandini will come, we need to get humiliated. Mahender says Shashi got a lot of irate this time. Slam gets back home and welcomes.

He says its your girl’s marriage. Rakhi says they didn’t welcome us. Slam says a father needn’t bother with a greeting, you are fortunate to do her kanyadaan, its your girl’s right, kindly think and come.

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