Ayodhya Verdict: BJP’s entry into the golden period, three important agenda almost complete


New Delhi, Ashutosh Jha. Ayodhya Verdict:Has the Golden Age of BJP arrived? Of course yes. In fact, soon after the construction of Ram temple construction was acceptable, the BJP almost completed its three most important agenda, due to which the party was considered untouchable in the politics of the country for a long time and due to the incomplete of those three issues somewhere. The BJP was also targeted by its own people many times. But it is true that due to these three issues, the party has been able to complete the journey from two to 303. It is a big achievement for any political party that the core agenda was completed in just seven months. The first three have moved towards the Uniform Civil Code through divorce and the way the court is reminding the government, it is possible to take concrete steps in this direction. On the other hand, by removing Article 370, Kashmir will be formally merged with India and now the aspiration for construction of Ram temple in a peaceful environment through the court will be fulfilled.

BJP committed to Ram temple

The BJP, formed in 1980, contested the first Lok Sabha election after four years and was limited to two seats. After that many elections were fought but in 1991 the Ram temple was included in the election manifesto and the BJP came up from the hundred mark. For the first time in 1996, the BJP emerged as the largest party in Parliament. From that election till 2019, Ram temple was not included in the BJP’s manifesto continuously, but in the election campaign, slogans like ‘Ramlala we will come, temple will be built’. There was a change of words in every manifesto. The manifesto also stated that the desire to build Ram temple is not only in the country but also in the hearts of Indians living abroad and the BJP will explore every possible way for it.

The aspiration for temple construction never decreased

BJP leader LK Advani also took out a rath yatra and in the meantime the demolition of Babri Masjid. That incident was a bit uncomfortable for the BJP and that’s why Atal Bihari Vajpayee at the time called the demolition of the mosque as ‘national shame’. But considering the same site as the birthplace of Rama, the desire to build a Ram temple nevr declined. The BJP was directly away from the movement but the Sangh Parivar always kept it warm. Now that agenda is nearing completion. The central government has been given the responsibility to build the temple by building a trust.

Every promise will be fulfilled

Anyway, the politics of BJP has changed since 2014. Now everyone’s faith in Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas has been added. The government’s emphasis on social development has increased, while in the last seven months, by fulfilling the three important agendas through the legal path, it has also made it clear that their promises will be fulfilled. For the golden period, however, BJP President Amit Shah has placed a second condition.

He says that the time will come when BJP representatives will be present in every state and every panchayat, but in the last seven to eight months, the way the party has taken concrete steps on social, national and cultural issues by solving the most difficult issue, it will be golden. Nothing less. The biggest thing is that there is solidarity in the country on all these three issues. Ram temple, Kashmir and to a large extent, triple talaq is no longer a disputed issue, not only for BJP’s allies but also for the opposition. It will be considered a victory to present the BJP’s ideology and issue in a simple and legal manner.


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