Avoiding a big accident in Shatabdi Express


Jalandhar (Dhawan): A major accident was averted in the Shatabdi Express going from Jalandhar to Delhi. It is said that as soon as a fire was reported in a coach of Shatabdi Express near Amen railway station falling in Haryana, the accident was immediately stopped by extinguishing the fire with fire fighting equipment.

Raman Dutt, a passenger traveling in the Shatabdi Express and chairman of the Indo-American Friends Group, said that as soon as the fire was reported in the executive coach, there was an atmosphere of panic among the passengers. The driver of the vehicle immediately stopped the vehicle and the employees rushed to overcome it with fire extinguishers. He said that many VIPs were also traveling in the car. Dutt said that the fire was controlled, but for a long time, smoke continued to rise from the coach. The Shatabdi Express halted for about a quarter of an hour at the Amen railway station. When the situation was completely normal, the train was pushed forward. About 100 km from Amen Station New Delhi Falls behind

Demand from Railway Ministry to make passengers safety sure

Raman Dutt demanded from the Railway Ministry that a high-level inquiry should be conducted into the matter and find out the cause of the fire, so that no such accidents could happen in future. He said that people had started making noise on the spot when there was a fire. Many other passengers also demanded from the Railway Ministry to ensure safety of passengers in trains.


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