Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22 July 2021 Episode Written Update (22/07/2021)

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai Tv Show Written Update

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, &Tv “Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22 July 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Mirza And Mishra’s Friendship Irks Their Wives

Air Date: 22 July 2021

Full Written Update: Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22/07/2021 Episode Start with Mishra and Mirza getting pictures together while correspondent BBC take the pics. Kudelal requests that they hold each other cheek and posture for the pic. Mishra and Mirza present. BBC takes pic and says he will distributed their pics in the paper. Mishra says streets will be based on our names, Mirmistan street… and so forth Kudelal inquires as to whether they will change the haveli name to Mirmistan. Mishra says no, haveli battle will continue for long and the name won’t change. He reports that their fellowship is solid. They have an embrace again while BBC click pictures.

Mishra declares that whoever drinks tea from Mirza’s shop, will get free paan from his shop. Mirza gets enthusiastic and reports that whoever purchases paan from Mishra’s shop, will get tea from my shop free of charge. They embrace once more. Shanti clears the floor and gets back torment. She says Mishra went for his fellowship, and I need to accomplish the work. She thinks on the off chance that she needs to accomplish the work every day, all her body parts will get feeble. She thinks to carry Mishra to the correct way.

Sakina returns home and keeps the stuff on the floor. She asks Shanti for what reason she accomplished the cleaning work seeing her holding the brush. Shanti advises that Mishra needed to accomplish the work, yet she sent him for kite flying. She inquires as to whether she went out and brought the stuff. Sakina says Mirza told that he will accomplish practically everything, except she sent him to fly the kite. Shanti and Sakina’s little girls come there and come clean. Sakina takes Zoya inside, while Shanti takes her little girl inside. Individuals remain in line to drink tea and have free paan.

Bittu and Pappu get stunned. He says Ramesh Sippy need to make Sholay Part 2, seeing Mishra and Mirza. He says his heart is thumping a lot. Pappu asks him not to take pressure. Bittu says he was unable to bear their kinship. Pappu says they will make their kinship transform into hostility. He requests that Bittu cause him to have tea and paan. Bittu asks then for what you will spend and requests that he go to Mirza, and says he will deal with Mishra. He goes to Mishra. Mishra says he is computing. Bittu says he won’t go to the shop now. Mishra holds back the book.

Pappu tells that Mishra told that he is giving spoiled container, while Mirza needs to make others drink unique skillet. Bittu additionally advises the comparable thing to Mishra. Pappu incites him against Mishra, while Bittu incites him against Mirza. Bittu says his objective is haveli. Pappu likewise tells something very similar. Mishra says let dole out the retributions today. He says he will wounded blade today. Mirza takes blade to wound Mishra. Pappu and Bittu accompany Mishra and Mirza. Bittu signs Pappu. Mirza says he will wound blade in Pappu’s stomach, and same way he will cut him. Pappu flees.

Mishra frightens Bittu and he runs off. Mishra and Mirza shake hands and says no one can break our companionship. Mishra requests that Mirza cause him to have tea. Shanti accomplishes the house work. She requests that kids read stronger. His child makes a quip. Pooja says he is understanding funnies. Shanti requests that they study. Mishra comes there and requests that Shanti find some harmony and asks not to chasten the children. Shanti tells that the children are not guiltless. She inquires as to for what reason are you agreeing with children’s position. Mishra says Mirza told that they will not chasten the children.

Shanti says you are admonishing children much. Mishra requests that she make shimla mirch and says Mirza likes it, today we host gathering on the porch. Brij says today he was going to take you to film. Shanti gets disturbed. Paro clears the floor in Sakina’s home and castigates about Shanti and Mishra. Mirza reveals to her that he can’t hear anything against his senior sibling. He requests that Paro finish Mishra ji’s home work first. Sakina says let her accomplish the work here.

Mirza requests that Paro finish work at mishra ji’s home and requests that Sakina make veg khoorma and so forth and says they have a gathering on patio. He requests that she make Mishra’s #1 dish day by day. Noorjahan asks Sakina, in case she was going with Mirza to advertise. Sakina says who listen me now. Mishra reveals to Mirza that he is his more youthful sibling. Mirza requests that he be this way and protect him under his haven. He says he is feeling acceptable with him.

Mishra says even I am feeling better, Shanti inconveniences me a great deal. Mirza says Sakina resembles sweet blade, I can’t do anything with my desire, she cuts my heart with her flatters and traps me in her appeal. He says he needs to wound her. Mishra says even he feels that he will take Shanti on patio and push her. Both Shanti and Sakina hear them. Mirza says we will not be terrified of our spouses and will do what we like. Mishra says yes. Shanti comes there and requests that Mishra come inside, as it is late evening. Mishra says I am conversing with my companion, head inside.

Sakina requests that Mirza come. Mirza says I am occupied with Bhaijaan. Shanti says it is sufficient and asks Mishra not to come. Mishra chastens her and asks Shanti not to meddle among him and his companionship. Shanti goes from that point crying. Sakina asks Mirza not to assault her with his sight, and requests that he come. Mirza chastens her and requests that she go. Sakina goes crying. Mirza and Mishra feel incredible and cheerful. Mishra and Mirza dance and play together. Sakina and Shanti attempt to address him. Dosti melody plays… ..Their offer tiffin, cold beverages and even tea.

Later Shanti inquires as to whether Mirza went. Sakina says no. She inquires as to whether I will say something and asks her not to feel awful. Shanti says she will feel terrible. Sakina says Mirza rests late, because of Mishra. Shanti additionally faults Mirza and says he has ruined him, that he isn’t accomplishing any work. Sakina advises that Mirza neglected to sentiment with her, in any event, when she shows her appeal. Shanti says they will break their kinship. Sakina says yes.

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