Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 17th August 2021 Episode Written Update (17/08/2021)

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai Tv Show Written Update

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 17th August 2021 Written Episode Update , &TV Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 17th August 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Mirza’s Sister Comes To Stay In Haveli

Air Date: 17th August 2021

Full Written Update: Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 17/08/2021 Episode Start with Mishra’s child asking his sister for the frog rakhi which makes sound. Mishra gets passionate seeing her sister’s pic. Shanti comes there and asks Mishra for what reason is he miserable and sitting like a lady leaving the mayka. Mishra says I am discussing my Pushpa, she never came to attach Rakhi to me since she left. He says in some cases she comes to meet Babu ji. Shanti says I didn’t ask her not to come here. Mishra ji says the sister parents in law consistently inconvenience us. Mishra says he can’t hear anything against his sister. She says you become Mithun Chakravarty, similarly as I discussed your sister. She says I came to request that you clean the room.

Mishra says I am passionate here and you are requesting that I take care of job, you don’t esteem feelings. Mirza gets a call from Phupha jaan and comes to realize that Phuphi got cardiovascular failure. Sakina additionally gets stunned. Mirza then, at that point begins giggling so anyone might hear and discloses to Sakina that Phupha jaan was kidding. He again gets stunned and says how could this occur? He discloses to Sakina that Phuphi heard his joke and hit hot cooker on Phupha jaan. He again giggles and hops, and says I have failed to remember this. He discloses to Sakina that Phupha’s one leg was of wood, it didn’t break, however cooker had an opening. He then, at that point converses with him and finishes the call. He says Phupha needed us to call Reshma Apa here, as she is as yet unmarried at 36 years, and requested that we persuade her for marriage.

Sakina gets strained and asks Mirza whose side, he will take after Reshma Apa comes. She attempts to win him utilizing her appeal. Mirza says I will agree with that individual’s position who is correct. Sakina attempts to charm him and contacts him exotically. Mirza says begum, I will talk in support of yourself regardless of whether Khalifa comes. They begin moving. Mirza tumbles down. Sakina sits on the bed and covers them. Sakina reveals to Shanti that Reshma Apa is coming here. Shanti says Ya Allah. Sakina says Ya Allah. Shanti says I was stunned to the point that Ya Allah came from my mouth. Sakina inquires as to why your nanand Pushpa isn’t coming. Shanti says there was some contention.

Mishra reveals to Mirza that even he used to go to pick Pushpa and had never suspected on the off chance that he worn shoe or not. Mirza inquires as to why she isn’t coming at this point. Mishra is going to say. Mirza gets a call that Reshma Apa arrived at the city as the train was of 1 pm. Mirza takes his shoe in his grasp and runs. Reshma drives the auto, while the auto driver requests that she stop. Sakina hears the children telling that Reshma phuphi came. Reshma reprimands the driver for taking her to long course and requests that he leave. Sakina petitions God to save her and looks terrified.

Noorjahan requests that Reshma sit and drink water. Reshma asks how might moronic Zafar have neglected. Sakina says he recalled that you are coming, yet forgotten in the wake of going to shop. Reshma chides Sakina and request that she wear dupatta on her head. Sakina covers her head with dupatta. Reshma asks Noorjahan how is she? Noorjahan says she is fine. Mirza comes there. Reshma reprimands him. Mirza says he got late as he brought ras malai for her. She says you have softened my displeasure and squeezes him. She reprimands Sakina and requests that she proceed to bring the rasmalai. She tastes the ras malai. Noorjahan requests that she take 2 kgs for her mom when she returns.

Mishra sees Reshma and welcomes her. Reshma asks how is he? She strolls towards him and inquires as to whether you have applied spouse’s powder for the radiance all over. Mishra grins. Reshma thinks back the youth with him and says you have changed after marriage and not calling me now. Shanti comes there and asks her not to begin her talk, similarly as she came. Reshma says it is the issue of Ramesh and me, I know him since your milk teeth was not broken. Shanti says she is contending with me. Mishra says it is my mix-up. Mirza says Apa came for 2-4 days just. Reshma inquires as to why he told this? Mirza says it is said for the visitor.

Reshma says she isn’t visitor. Noorjahan says Reshma was here, until Mirza’s introduction to the world and afterward her mom took her from here, and says she is the little girl of the house. Reshma says she will remain here, until she needs. Sakina says you said right. Reshma requests that Sakina fly and bring two rasmalai’s intended for her. Sakina goes. Mirza requests that Reshma get hitched. Reshma says I don’t possess energy for this garbage. Sakina brings ras malai. Reshma won’t drink paneer later and requests that Sakina make gawar ki phalli. Sakina makes it and brings for Reshma. Reshma requests that she move and sits to have food. She requests that Sakina bring Zam.

Sakina asks what? Reshma says water. Sakina says will I say something. Reshma sends her to bring water. She says it is the nanand’s inheritance to inconvenience their bhabhis. Mishra inquires as to whether he saw a hero for Reshma. Mirza says at whatever point I converse with her about marriage, she blows up. He says he will converse with her when she is in positive state of mind. Mirza requests that Mishra determine what befell Pushpa. Mishra says Shanti and Pushpa were old buddies and Shanti’s home was a ways off from our home.

Ghar se Nikalte hey melody plays… .fb closes. Mishra advises that he got hitched to Shanti as Pushpa was her companion. He says they used to have battle consistently, however one day they had a battle, I didn’t meddle fearing Shanti, and this thing went poorly with Pushpa and she won’t ever turn up. Mirza says when did this occur? Mishra says you have went to Ajmer Shariff that time and says I was pounded between the two lady, however I am certain that all will be great one day and Pushpa will tie rakhi on my hand.

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