Arrangements of night shelters remained shelved, who is responsible for the death of the monk from the cold?


Fatehabad (Manoj): The administration should make a million claims of providing facilities to the public, but their ground reality is far away. The social institutions and the people who beat the pretense of being a social worker are also nothing but appearances. Although rain shelters have been built by the administration in Fatehabad, Tohana, Ratia and Jakhal, but 1 in Bhattu Kalan does not have any administrative night shelters, while 1 private Dharamshala is said to have a rain shelter.

On Thursday, administration facilities and systems were shelved when 1 sadhu died of cold near the railway station of Bhattu Kalan. The thinking thing is that where the administration is said to patrol the staff at bus stand and railway stations, then an administrative employee, police personnel or a so-called social worker in Bhattu Kalan slept in cold near the station on Wednesday night. Did not look at Ultimately, the cold took him and on Thursday, the police found the body of the monk, in which the cause of death was said to be cold.

Despite the railway station at Bhattu Kalan, why the administrative night shelter has not been built yet. In such a situation, who will be responsible for the death of the monk. More than Fatehabad rains are needed in Bhattu, Tohana and Jakhal. Due to the railway station here, people travel at night. Due to winter, trains are getting delayed every day. In such a situation, people sit in the cold all night and wait for trains. The intelligentsia says that the administration should build the rains near the railway station or bus stand so that more people can take advantage of them.

Despite no railway station in Fatehabad, 4 Rain Base Aggarwal Dharamshala, Municipal Council, Panchayat Bhawan and Shri Ram Seva Samiti Dharamshala are included. So far, about 125 people have stayed in these four. A community hall has been constructed in Ratia, where not even 1 person has stayed so far. Tohana has 2 night shelters in Shiv Nandi Gaushala and the city council where around 400 people have stayed this time. A rain shelter has been built in the municipality in Jakhal where only 1-2 persons have stayed so far. Despite the railway station at Bhattu Kalan, the administration or its social workers did not pay attention to this issue.


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