APO accused of rape married the victim Gorakhpur News


Maharajganj, JNN. An Additional Program Officer (APO), charged in the case of molesting an employment servant, married the victim in the temple for fear of arrest. After which the market of discussions in the area became hot.

Misconduct done on the pretext of marriage

Nichlaul is a employment servant from a village in Thanashetra. He was closely associated with an APO in the tehsil area. It is alleged that APO raped the employment servant by pretending to be married. For the past several days, the accused APO started keeping distance from the victim. Meanwhile, he was transferred to the district headquarters. On December 10, the victim gave a Tehir to the APO alleging misdemeanor of rape by marrying her to the police station. The police registered the case without delay, but continued to evade arrest.

Married for fear of going to jail

When the case was filed, the victimized female employment worker started pressuring the high officials for her arrest. Fearing going to jail, the APO approached the victim and agreed to the marriage. The two then arrived at a famous temple in the area on Tuesday evening and got married. Nicholas SHO Bihagad Singh Yadav said that there is no information about marriage. It is being detected after coming to cognizance.


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