Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th October 2021 Episode Written Update (14/10/2021)

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Updates

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update Zee 14 October Written Update on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Jai Fails Rani’s Plan To Expose Him Again

Air Date: 14th October 2021

Full Written Update: Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14/10/2021 Episode Start with

Champa applies Mehndi on Nanthini’s hand and figures that Rani would have saved the last without a doubt. Rani applauds the plan and requests that Champa compose J and N. Jai feels that Rani is truly clever that is the reason she is utilizing Champa. Rani feels that Champa will not have the option to endure a lot. Champa leaves from that point subsequent to applying Mehndi on Nanthini’s hand.

In the interim, Kajri lets Vikram know that she offered food to Kiara as of now. Kiara battles to relax. Vikram comprehends that Kiara battling in view of the food she ate. He tells Kajri that Kiara is adversely affected by that ‘poha’. He requests that Kajri unfasten him. She unfastens him and puts the blade on Kiara’s neck. He discovers Kiara’s handbag and takes infusion from it. Then, at that point, he infuses Kiara. Kajri ties him once more. He asks her that when she changed like this since she used to deal with everybody. She asks him that don’t she reserve any options to ponder her joy. She advises him that she was prepared to do anything for him however he left her. She lets him know that he constrained her to do this. He tells her that she will not get what she need. She snickers at him and lets him know that tomorrow their marriage will occur.

Champa blows up reviewing the new minutes. She lets Jai know that she will not leave Rani and Nanthini. He requests that she quiet down any other way all that will be destroyed and they needs Nanthini’s cash that is the reason he is acting at this point. She lets him know that she can’t see this so she will come clean to everybody. He tells her that he can comprehend that everything is hard for her yet he needs an ideal opportunity to make everything fine and embraces her. Rani clicks their image to uncover them. She slams into Servant and drops the portable. He is sorry to her and gives the portable to her.

Kajri advises Kiara to apply Mehndi on her hand. Vikram signals Kiara and she gestures at him. Kiara pushes Kajri however Kajri puts the blade on Vikram’s neck. So Kiara applies Mehndi on Kajri’s hand. Vikram redirects Kajri. What’s more, Kiara grabs the blade from Kajri. Be that as it may, Kajri tosses red powder all over and the last battles to open her eyes.

Rani tells Rajavat’s that Jai playing with Nanthini’s sentiments and he don’t have the right to be anybody’s significant other. Rajeshwari asks her that for what good reason the last saying like this. Veer tells her that she additionally realizes that Rani will not lie. Rajmata lets him know that without proof they can’t denounce Jai. Rani lets them know that she has a proof and shows animation character picture. She gets shocks seeing the image. Jai smriks and reviews that how he paid off Servant to erase the image.

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