Anupama 23 April 2021 Episode Written Update (23/04/2021)

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Anupama 23rd Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus Serial “Anupama 23 April 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Anupama’s Unexpected Promise To Kaya

Air Date: 23 April 2021

Full Written Update: Anupama 23/04/2021 Episode Start with Kavya hollers at Dolly to calm down. Pakhi alerts her that she can’t get into wickedness with her Dolly auntie like that. Truck demands that Kavya help them search bhai/Vanraj or, without a doubt she will record a police protest that she mentally tortured bhai and bhai and compelled bhai to take off from the house confused, she has Vanraj’s letter as affirmation. Vanraj walking some spot outside figures he ought to get back as he can’t get delicate, god comprehends what family ought to be go through, Anu needs to defy everything alone, and Kavya may make ruinous step due to her flimsiness. Anu demands that Kavya get back and demands that family members call Vanraj’s ex-accomplices and colleagues and see whether he came to them. Pakhi asks with regards to whether they should report police fight. Samar says not yet. Kavya cries that V can’t do this to her, she will fail miserably without him and escapes starting there.

Vanraj continues to walk around a woman and stands stressed. Family floods out of house to glance through Vanraj when they see something and stop. Kavya gets a mental episode and again and again messages Vanraj to return or call her. Police jeep stays before Shah family, and commentator asks with regards to whether this is Vanraj Shah’s home. Anu says he is her significant other. He shows phone and asks with regards to whether it is Vanraj’s. Anu says surely, where did he find it from. He found it just about a dead child as there was implosion case. Anu says this can’t happen as her significant other would never do that. Administrator says body is in jeep and she can check and affirm. Pakhi cautions that he can’t be father. Anu comforts her and walks around jeep stressed.

Nandini gets back and not hearing Kavya figures she almost certainly gone out. Kavya is seen sitting on floor nearby behind lounge chair. Nandini drops her phone and picks it and leaves without seeing her. Anu runs and accepts Pakhi and educates that dead body isn’t regarding Vanraj. Specialist orders constable to send dead body to after death and call people who reported missing complaint. Anu asks with respect to whether she can report missing protesting of her loved one. He says not before 24 hours, so she can come to police central command following 24 hours if her loved one doesn’t return. Pakhi believes daddy is fine. Anu says her heart says he is fine and nothing will happen to him.

Kavya continues unnerving and crying that she can’t survive without V. She recollects the time proceeded with him, records a last order for V, and drops her phone down. Nandini gets back glancing through Anu. Anu demands Pakhi to take care from Meeu while they search Vanraj as she is sure he will be found soon. Kavya walks around her and asks how should she be so sure. Anu says she knows him since 25 years, he will not escape from obligations. Kavya asks as to why did he make a letter by then. Anu says he is stuck among family and Kavya and fears if his family will expect Kavya or not. Kavya says she thinks Vanraj loves Anu. Anu says she is sure he isn’t as there was no veneration between them till now, they have relationship of family and not love, etc Kavya says she worships V an incredible arrangement and will fail miserably if she doesn’t marry him, she has envisioned a ton about their marriage. Anu pledges to fulfill her dreams. She believes he would have tended to her before making this step and tells family let us search Vanraj. Vanraj calls her. She asks where is he, how should he desert prompting. Kavya gets phone and talks, anyway call gets confined.

Following 2 days, Anu recalls Vanraj’s letter that he can’t suffer it any more, he recalled the memories of 25 years when he put a few worth days with her lately; he is leaving to find answers to the requests which are frequenting him. She demands that god tell where is Toshu’s father as everyone are glancing through him including police, Baa and Bapuji are getting some data about their kid, Sweety is crying, Kavya is startling, 2 days have passed and he is found no spot, god should help her. Toshu returns and asks as to why didn’t she enlighten him already and requirements to manage gives alone reliably. He says nothing will happen to father and calling inspector asks with respect to whether he got any report concerning daddy, walks around there leaving Anu troubled, and requests him to find father soon. Nandini walks around him and asks concerning whether he found any sign. He gets some data about Samar. She says he went to hotel to check whether uncle checked in there. He says father shouldn’t have done that. She says they are glancing through uncle since 2 days, Meen and Pakhi are crying continually, Kavya is in a daze since 2 days as she is possessive concerning uncle .

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