Anupam Kher told Congress leader MP Shashi Tharoor that he is mentally poor and unemployed, know the whole matter


New Delhi Anupam Kher is very active on social media and keeps commenting on social and political issues. In particular, issues that are related to the government and the country. At times he is also trolling, but Anupam is adept at answering. At present, Anupam has been involved with Congress leader and MP Shashi Tharoor on Twitter. Shashi retorted an old tweet to Anupam and surrounded him, and Anupam mentally described Shashi as a pauper.

Anupam Kher had tweeted in 2012, in which he wrote a statement by Edward Abbey, which translates as – A patriot should always be ready to protect his country from his government. Please tell that in 2012 there was a UPA government in the country. Retweeting this tweet, Shashi Tharoor wrote Mark Twain’s statement and said – Thank you Anupam Kher, completely agree with you. It is patriotic to always support your country and to support the government when needed.

On this tweet of Shashi, Anupam Kher wrote – Dear Shashi Tharoor, you found out my 2012 tweet. Commented on it today. This is not only a proof of your unemployment and mind-bogglingness, but it is also a proof of how much you have done humanly. The people for whom this tweet was for me are still a symbol of corruption. You know it


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