Another Annadata, who went to the farmers’ demonstration, shared the photo and said AAP’s Sanjay Singh – “The farmer is dying, where is the chieftain”


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh has targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his visit to Varanasi. PM Modi went to Kashi to celebrate Dev Deepawali amidst the farmer movement. After which AAP Sansad has tweeted and shared two pictures. The first picture is of a farmer who died during the agitation and the second is the light and sound show of Kashi where PM was present on Monday.

AAP MP shared these pictures and wrote, “Where the farmer of the country is hiding, where is the head of India” Pic.1 Gajan Singh Ji, the third farmer in the farmers movement, was martyred. Pic.2 Prime Minister enjoying the light and sound program by crowds of thousands, irrespective of the agony of the farmers. ” Many users have given their reactions to this tweet of AAP MP. One wrote “Doing politics by making a spectacle of the death of farmers has been the profession of these sinful objections from the very beginning. Then there was Gajendra, today he is an elderly farmer’s crooks will ruin “you”. Stop for the sake of God, forcing these poor farmers to force them into such political movements unnecessarily. ”

Another user wrote, “Farmer brothers have four years left in the next Lok Sabha election, in these four years you will get a chance to sell your crop more than eight times. If anywhere it felt that the farmers were lost due to the new agricultural bill, then the government Overthrow but do not get seduced by then. “


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