Angry wife killed husband by giving poison in food when Mega incident / Malaysia did not let go

  • Kulwinder wanted to go abroad to improve the economic condition of home
  • Case against wife, uncle father-in-law and cousin sister-in-law on statement of mother of deceased

Moga When a young man did not send his wife to Malaysia in the village Kusa, the angry wife mixed the wheat-fed medicine and fed it. The husband died due to this. SHO Navpreet Singh said that a case has been registered against wife Kulwinder Kaur, uncle father-in-law Gurdeep Singh, her daughter Goldie on murder charges and the search for the three is being done. Manjit Kaur, a resident of village Kussa, gave a statement to the police that her son Shamsher Singh (40) was married to Kulwinder Kaur of village Rhode. They also have two sons but Kulwinder wanted to go to Malaysia.

Shamsher did not want to send his wife out

The mother of the deceased said that the son used to work as Shamsher Pallbar and Electronic Repair and did not want to send the wife abroad. Due to this, there was a fight between the two. Shamsher used to say the same thing to his wife Kulwinder Kaur that if she went abroad, he would be left alone. Kulwinder Kaur came from her maternal home on October 8, but she insisted that she stay in Malaysia.

Regarding sending him abroad, he also spoke to his uncle-in-law.

The mother of the deceased said that on 26 October, her daughter-in-law Gurdeep Singh, her daughter Goldie, had come to talk about the festival of Diwali as well as son Shamsher regarding sending Kulwinder Kaur abroad. Got upset about this. Kulwinder cooked the food and the first uncle and cousin fed the food. After this, she went to the kitchen again and brought food for her son Shamsher. As he ate food, his health got worse and started vomiting. After this, Bahu’s uncle and cousin fled.

There was often a dispute between husband and wife about going to Malaysia

According to the information, the financial condition of the family was not right, so Kulwinder wanted to go to Malaysia for Rosie Roti. But Shamsher used to stop him. There was often a quarrel between them about this.


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