Jalandhar (Web Desk) – Jatha Bachchan has worked in many films in his film career. The life of Jat Bachchan is an example of women empowerment. After making a name for himself in films, Jatha Bachchan stepped into politics and earned a reputation. Jat Bachchan is celebrating his 72nd birthday today. Jatcha Bachchan married Amitabh Bachchan in 1973. Amitabh also shared his wedding story on social media. He had told me that Jatha and Jatha were married in a hurry to get to London.
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Let’s say that Amitabh and Jat Bachchan first met on the set of the movie ‘Goody’. The two were reunited with Rishikesh Mukherjee. After that the two worked together in the film ‘Zanjeer’. Amitabh had promised that if the film hit, he would travel to London with friends. After that the film was released and proved to be a superhit.
Amitabh-Jaya Bachchan was married in a hurry, interesting London connection
Then comes the turn to act on your decision, to fulfill your promise. Amitabh mentioned this to his father Harivansh Rao Bachchan, after which he asked who was going to whom? So Amitabh said that besides my friends, the group is going. Harivansh told Amitabh that if you both have to go to London, get married first.
Amitabh-Jaya Bachchan was married in a hurry, interesting London connection
Amitabh did so without hesitation. After that the wedding preparations began in the Doha family. Amitabh had told us that we had a London flight on the evening of the wedding day. On that day, there was a slight rain, which the neighbors said “the rain is pure.” Within a few hours, all the wedding ceremonies were completed. Amitabh Bachchan and Jatha were married in a very secretive way and were not invited by most people in the film industry. Only family members and close friends attended.
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It is worth mentioning that Jatha Bachchan, one of the best actresses of Hindi cinema world has played one of the best characters in her career. In the year 1963, Jatha Bachchan started his film career with Satyajit Ray’s film ‘Mahanagar’ and he won the ‘Filmfare Award’ for several films.


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