Amaal Malik produced rap song, know the reason behind it


New Delhi Indian music director Amal Malik told how he decided to produce Young Jawan’s debut song ‘Jang’. Recently, rapper Young sang his first song ‘Jang’, the song is produced by famous music composer Amal Malik. Ever since the song was released, Young’s happiness has not stopped. His debut song has garnered over 3 million views on YouTube so far and Young is very happy with the response from the audience.

Young, who hails from Nagpur city, his song Jang is a high-energy track that never talks about giving up his dreams. This song has been released recently and people are very much liked. With this song, Amal Malik has started his first hip-hop project. Amal Malik praised Young and said that when he first heard the lyrics of this song, he fell in love with the song. Amal further states that his childhood friend Shiva Maheshwari, who is the executive producer of Jung Song, asked me if I knew any producer? I also made some suggestions but they were of no use. This song was going on somewhere in my mind. I was also singing the lyrics of this song. I immediately called Shiva and asked him if you wanted to, How do I produce this song? Amal owner’s friend was surprised at this and Young knew that his happiness was not there.

Fans of all hip-hop and street rap music have welcomed Jung well. Some people even compared the video of this song with the no-limit of Cardi-B. That’s because the videography of both the songs looks very similar. On this comparison, Young says, ‘I feel very happy that my song has reached the place where people are comparing it with the no-limit of Cardi-B. Who does not like that they get love international level. There is no place for my happiness. ‘


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