Allahabad guava crop has been hit by pollution, sweetness has decreased


Prayagraj : If the Sangam city is the religious identity of Prayagraj, then the economic identity is Allahabad’s Guava. Which, due to its sweetness and quality, has its own identity throughout the country and abroad. The reason is that it tastes exactly like apple and gets rid of all diseases. To expand it, nurseries were set up in other cities, but nowhere did the taste of Allahabad Mati grow. But this time the pollution and long rains spread in North India have caused a lot of damage to the Allahabad Guava crop. Guava yields have also been significantly affected. Reduction in insects and sweetness in guava is also being seen this time.

Chief garden expert Krishna Mohan Chaudhary says that every species of guava has been affected by pollution and late rain. However, this fruit is 3 months old. There has been a huge decline in pollution, which is now expected to see some good changes in the future crop. According to last year, this time the fruits of guava have come down as well as those which have come are lacking in sweetness. This time there are insects on guava trees and leaves.

Let me tell you that there are famous varieties of guava in Allahabad. Among these, other major species are Allahabad, Safeda Guava, Red Goodewala, Chittidar, Karela, Bedana, Guava Sebia, Surkha, Shweta, Pant Prabhat, L39, Sangam and Lalit. In Allahabad and Kaushambi, where surkha, sebia and Safeda guava are grown. Allahabad Surukha and Safeda are in demand all over the world. Allahabad guava has been given a special place in Ayurveda due to its merits. Not only this, both its smell and taste are excellent

for the patients of Guava Diabetes.

Guava is very beneficial for diabetes patients. It controls the sugar level and prevents the low glycemic index sugar level from suddenly increasing. Diabetes patients are advised to eat guava daily. Not only this, drinking tea of ​​guava leaves reduces the risk of diabetes.

Chief garden expert Krishna Mohan Choudhary said that this is the first time after many years that due to pollution and late rains, such a impact has been seen on the guava crop. This world-famous guava has caught the eye of nature this time.


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