All is not well in BJP-JJP alliance!


Karnal (Sharma): For Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal playing second innings with the alliance, his own MLAs are becoming more of a challenge than the opposition. While there is a state of dissatisfaction between BJP and JJP on the issue of MLAs opening a front against leaders, the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister are silent on this whole issue.

During the first term of the Manohar government, where former Gurugram MLA Umesh Aggarwal spent the entire term as CM. There was a time when there was a time when more than a dozen MLAs formed a reformist front by forming a faction. Had started lobbying against However, the legislators who were CM at the time Most of them were put home in this election. Now again the same situation is being created in the state. The government has not completed the 3 months that came to power and the MLAs have become vocal. CID between Vij and Chief Minister Apart from the controversy, the MLA disputes are also going on.

Kundu missed the biggest problem due to sitting in power
Independent MLA Balraj Kundu has won this time from Maham Assembly of Rohtak, the political capital of Haryana. He was a strong contender of the BJP at first, but when he did not get the ticket, he rebelled from the BJP and jumped into the election field and the public gave him to the assembly. The BJP did not get an absolute majority and Kundu, who was out of the party, announced his support to the BJP and the BJP also withdrew his 6-year suspension in less than 6 months.

Balraj Kundu, who dreams of becoming a minister in Manohar Part Two based on caste and regional equations, has openly accused Manish Grover of inciting corruption and the Jat movement. After losing the election, Manish Grover, like Krishna Bedi, also again has CMO. I was lobbying for entry but Kundu’s allegations have blocked his path. Rohtak P.G.I. Kundu is also in the news by exposing the corruption spread in India. He has indicated withdrawal of support in case of no action. On this whole episode, the Chief Minister and the BJP high command are neither speaking out against Kundu nor openly supporting Manish Grover. In such a situation, the legislators of Maham can become the throat of the government.


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