Ajooni 26th January 2023 Episode Written Update (26/1/2023)


Ajooni 26th January 2023 Written Episode Update, Star Maa “Ajooni 26 January 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Bebe apologizes to Neeru on Ravinder’s behest

Ajooni Air Date: Ajooni 26th January 2023

Full Written Update: Ajooni 26/1/2023 Episode Start with Sandhya tells Ravinder that Karuna is her colleague. She says that her association individuals allowed such countless opportunities to Baggas yet they are not evolving. Ravinder apologizes to her. She lets him know that last time they allowed last opportunity to him so this time he will get notice from court. He tells her that Bagga women become upset. She lets him know that she will stop the examination on the off chance that him, Harman and Bebe apologized to Neeru. Ajooni says that Neeru is in injury because of this. Bebe reprimands Sandhya. Ravinder hauls Bebe to the side and requests that she quiet down. He is sorry to Sandhya for the benefit of Bebe. He takes everybody to Ajooni’s home. Cart stays in Bagga house.

Then again, Meher tells Subhash that Neeru ate nothing. Subhash gets stunned seeing Baggas there. He asks Ajooni that what is this. Rajveer lets him know that they came to apologize to Neeru. Ajooni lets him know that Neeru can emerge from injury provided that she gets conciliatory sentiment. Meher lets them know that Neeru secured herself in the room. Ajooni requests that Neeru open the entryway. Rajveer breaks the entryway. Neeru cries saying that she is cheat so she reserve no options to live. Ajooni tells her that Ravinder came to apologize.

In the mean time, Cart commends her arrangement. She tells Ravinder’s photograph she will continue to make issues for him after all she is his girl.

Ajooni carries Neeru to the corridor. Ravinder faults Bebe and Harman for Neeru’s condition. He is sorry to Neeru. He requests that Meher bring milk. Harman lets Neeru know that she committed error by denouncing her and apologizes to her. Ravinder wash Neeru’s legs. Media correspondents clicks photographs. Ravinder advises Bebe to apologize to Neeru. Bebe apologizes to Neeru. Ravinder apologizes to media correspondents and ladies government assistance association women. He acknowledges that Bagga women fouled up with Neeru. He says that they are people that is the reason they commit errors. He adds that understanding their mistake vital.

He lets them know that his family likewise regard ladies and everybody ought to regard ladies. Everybody applauds subsequent to hearing Ravinder’s discourse. Ravinder apologizes to Neeru indeed. Sandhya trust that she won’t observer something like this once more. He tells her that, that will not occur. Media correspondents and ladies government assistance association women leaves from that point. Ajooni’s family heads inside.

Bebe asks Ravinder that for what valid reason he preferred that before media journalists. Ravinder tells her that he will get positive response from public and it’s his governmental issues.

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