Ajooni 24th September 2022 Episode Written Update (24/9/2022)


Ajooni 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat “Ajooni 24 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Avinash saves Aman

Ajooni Air Date: Ajooni 24th September 2022

Full Written Update: Ajooni 24/9/2022 Episode Start with He asks her that for what reason she hided from him. She lets him know that she concealed nothing from him. She lets him know that Mr. Khanna sent Avinash to their home and she attempted to tell him yet she didn’t got the right opportunity. She says that Cart called Avinash today. He tells her that he could do without these occurrences and leaves from that point.

Then again, Harvinder meets Shikha in the eatery. She lets him know that this is their last gathering. She says that her folks will fix her marriage soon. She tauntingly salutes him for becoming a dad. He tells her that he don’t need that youngster. He says that he can’t let her disappear from him. He tells her that he could kill Aman. She lets him know that Ravinder will kill him. He tells her that his arrangement is awesome and nobody will think him.

Ajooni takes Aman to the medical clinic. Cart illuminates Harvinder that they left for the medical clinic. In the medical clinic, Ajooni fills the structure. She advises Aman to go to the third floor. Aman gets in the lift. Lift stalls out. Gas begins spilling. Ajooni utilizes the flight of stairs. Safety officer gets stunned seeing lift clasp and leaves from that point.

Harvinder and Shikha grins seeing the CCTV film. He tells her that now Aman will pass on in view of the toxic gas and clinic will be liable for it. Ajooni discovers that Aman didn’t arrive at the third floor yet. She discovers that one lady caught in the lift. She goes to screen room and gets stunned seeing Aman’s condition. She requests that Secretary save Aman. Secretary tells her that she called the lift organization. Avinash gains everything from Ajooni. Wardboy lets Harvinder know that lift won’t work for the following 2 hours.

In a similar clinic, Ravinder lets Rajveer know that he have little to no faith in Harvinder any longer. He says that governmental issues isn’t a children game. He lets him know that they need to take a choice subsequent to thinking a ton. They discovers that lift isn’t working. Rajveer gets some information about Aman. Secretary lets him know everything. Baggas goes higher up. In the interim, Aman loses her awareness.

Avinash sees a wardboy emerging from power supply room. He attempts to follow the wardboy yet Ajooni stops him. She lets him know that saving Aman is their need. He fixes the lift. Rajveer picks Aman. Ajooni and Avinash discovers that Aman is in the ICU. Specialist concedes Aman in the ICU. Harvinder reprimands the wardboy. He lets Shikha know that wardboy demolished everything. Ravinder lets Rajveer know that this is second assault on Aman. He thinks that Harvinder is there yet couldn’t track down him there. Avinash brings Ajooni there.

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