Agra Mayor Naveen Jain will give 600 grams of silver key to Donald Trump


Agra: US President Donald Trump is coming on a two-day visit to India. In such a situation, on 24 February, he will come to Tajanagri Agra to visit the Taj Mahal. On his arrival, the city mayor Naveen Jain will also present him a special gift. The mayor will hand over the keys of the city to them. This key is made of silver.

Mayor Naveen Jain said that US President Trump is coming to Agra for the first time. We will present them the keys of the city. We will give them 600 grams of silver key. The concept behind greeting guests with keys is to symbolically convey the message that they are welcome to unlock the city. After this he can enter Agra from the gate. When the President of any country comes to any city in India, the first citizen of the city, ie the Mayor gives him the key of the city.


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