Agar Tum Na Hote 27th April 2022 Episode Written Update (27/4/2022)

Agar Tum Na Hote

Agar Tum Na Hote 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Zee TV “Agar Tum Na Hote 27th April 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Niyati Manages To Find Nidtiya In The Basement

Air Date: Agar Tum Na Hote 27th April 2022

Full Written Update: Agar Tum Na Hote 27/4/2022 Episode Start with Angad makes sense of that the kid knows the whole truth and she will tell Niyati, who might thusly tell Abhimanyu and afterward he wouldn’t be alive, he did this generally in light of dread as he had no alternate way, Manaroma questions how did he respond, he guarantees that this was his last mix-up and he will do nothing off-base, Angad makes sense of that in the event that Abhimanyu figures out reality, he would likewise realize that she misled him with respect to the hijacking of their little girl and this was the explanation they isolated, Manaroma uncovers that she lied since he didn’t told her the whole truth as she felt that the ruffians killed her unintentionally. Angad answers that come what may is reality yet she is the person who deceived him and assuming Abhimanyu figures out reality, he would abhor her until the end of his life. Can she bear his contempt.
Angad shouts that Abhimanyu has observed the ring of Nidtiya and this time Abhimanyu wouldn’t leave him. Manaroma demands him to let her discussion with Abhimanyu just once on the grounds that she will assume all the fault on herself, she will likewise acknowledge that anything happened six a long time back was her arrangement so he will comprehend, Angad shouts in the event that she is insane in light of the fact that there could be no alternate way and they need to observe the young lady, Manaroma asks where is the young lady when Angad illuminates she is in the cellar.

Niyati questions for what reason is Abhimanyu going about as though he doesnot know reality since how could it be conceivable that the ring was hanging around for two days however they didn’t see it, she questions for what reason is he going about as though he doesnot need to realize reality as even six yeas back it was the preparation of Angad and his mom, Abhimanyu cautions her to not express anything against his mom when Niyati answers she doesnot care about anybody. Niyati surges inside when Rupa and Devi shouts she is truly egotistical as even what happened six quite a while back was a result of her willfulness, Niyati answers she lost her little girl due to them however this won’t occur this time, as she is herself going to track down her little girl. Niyati makes sense of that they should look through this house, Mr Panday concurs yet they are looking through the whole house anyway couldn’t observe Nidtiya, Niyati illuminates there is as yet a spot left which is the storm cellar and it is the best spot to conceal somebody. Mr Panday permits her to proceed to look through it.

Angad in the room makes reference to Manaroma that she will look through the cellar and on the off chance that she observes Nidtiya, Abhimanyu will kill her yet Manaroma says this time she will lie to safeguard him.
Niyati arrives at the cellar shouting the name of Nidtiya, she gets truly strained yet can’t track down her little girl and shouts that in the event that she doesnot think that she is here, everything would be destroyed, Niyati is going to leave the storm cellar when her dupatta stalls out in a nail, she goes to see that a case falls, Niyati surges back and is stunned to see Nidtiya lying there oblivious on the floor, Niyati guarantees her that she has come so nothing will happen to her now, Niyati gets her taking her higher up.

Rupa and Devi shout that Niyati generally causes a situation and they are compelled to acknowledge it, Mr Panday questions for what reason is she talking like this when Niyati si the explanation that she has gotten the 10%, Devi shouts they can’t fail to remember every one of her disasters as due to her activities Abhimanyu is still alone, Amma jee says that even Niyati is separated from everyone else except Rupa requests that he not shield her since she is the person who demolished the existence of Abhimanyu, Mr Panday likewise says that Niyati did nothing off-base and her life was additionally destroyed. Devi says she wouldn’t have the option to carve out her little girl this opportunity, Abhimanyu in shock takes the name of Nidtiya.

Niyati strolls to them all with Nidtiya when they help her rests on the couch, Niyati illuminates she was lying oblivious in the storm cellar and is here since the previous evening, Amma jee questions assuming they all saw on the grounds that Niyati was coming clean like in every case except they didn’t pay attention to her, Mr Panday chose to call the specialist, she demands him to come as a kid is oblivious, Niyati questions what did this kid do to anybody.

Niyati strolls to Abhimanyu who is dazed, she questions for what reason is he calm as he ought to decline to acknowledge this all, and fault that she and her little girl are acting so he can likewise acknowledge that her little girl arrived at this house and went to the cellar herself, since anybody in this world can be off-base for him aside from his mom and sibling, she questions for what reason is he not shielding them. Niyati cautions him to not discredit this as she probably is aware Angad was the person who brought her girl here, she says he should go and questions his sibling. Niyati asks where is his mom and sibling, she shouts that they are as yet not present. She inquires as to whether he has the strength however at that point shouts Abhimanyu doesnot have any, she knows the two of them are intending to embarrass him and he will acknowledge everything, Niyati by and by asks him to address for what reason did he capture her girl yet it isn’t of any utilization as his mom will make a story which he will accept, on the grounds that he trusts every one of the lies of his mom. Abhimanyu leaves out of frustration.

Nidtiya hits Niyati subsequent to awakening, Niyati begins calling out to her with tears in her eyes.
Angad is attempting to choke Manaroma shouting he won’t allow her to uncover reality, Abhimanyu drives him away addressing Manaroma for what reason was Angad attempting to kill him however Angad takes steps to kill him yet Abhimanyu pushes Angad out of the room.

Devi seeing these inquiries assuming he would kill Angad, Abhimanyu answers that he will kill him since he attempted to hurt his mom, Niyati acclaims Manaroma that she has proactively played her game.

Dadi is sitting when her niece comes addressing what occurred, Dadi answers that she wants a couple of shades who likewise contain her number yet Amma jee says that she would need to go to an actual shop and even get an eye test yet her niece answers that she wouldn’t need to go anyplace since everything should be possible at him, Amma jee inquires as to whether there is some kind of wizardry, she answers that it is the AR component of lense truck, as it will choose the edges as per her face when Amma jee answers she definitely realizes her number, her niece shouts now she should see on the camera and uncovers that she has the gold participation of lense truck, she specifies they will arrange one sets: which she can wear in the house while the other in any party.

Niyati answers she doesnot care assuming he was attempting to kill his mom yet just longings to know the explanation he abducted her little girl, Abhimanyu cautions him to tell the explanation he seized Nidtiya as what’s up did he do to her, Manaroma shouts she will tell them yet Niyati answers that today she will keep silent. Mr Panday likewise cautions her to keep silent as this time her child will reply. Abhimanyu questions for what reason is he conversing with her like this, since he personally saw Angad attempting to choke her which implies that she was not with him in his arrangements.

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