Agar Tum Na Hote 25th April 2022 Episode Written Update (25/4/2022)

Agar Tum Na Hote

Agar Tum Na Hote 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Zee TV “Agar Tum Na Hote 25th April 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Angad Enters The House To Harm Nidtiya

Air Date: Agar Tum Na Hote 25th April 2022

Full Written Update: Agar Tum Na Hote 25/4/2022 Episode Start with The two of them continually take a gander at one another, Abhimanyu standing shouts he wants to avoid so strolls with regards to the entryway wishing them all, Niyati prevents Abhimanyu from behind recommending that she will apply the infusion as it will bring down the torment, he demands her to not really like him so much since now he is utilized to this aggravation and in the event that she removes this from him, he wouldn’t have the option to make due, he says this is what he asked from her six quite a while back, this consideration and family that included him and Guria alongside Niyati, they all would have talked and adored one another however she grabbed everything from, Abhimanyu leaves.

Yet again yet again slam emerging from the room says he left in the wake of faulting her for everything except for what reason did she not express anything consequently, Ram says she is becoming frail before him however he wouldn’t permit Abhimanyu to play with life of Nidtiya and Niyati as he was never appropriate for her, he says they are meeting up subsequent to involving Nidtiya as the justification for making up for the shortcoming that was made by the demise of Guria. Niyati answers that she was unable to express anything to him since he is the explanation that Nidtiya is alive, a mother might have said thanks to him yet not expressed anything consequently. Sulochana consoles Ram.

Angad is admonishing the examiner addressing assuming these men were the ones whom he was so certain about on the grounds that they pursued away being getting beaten by Abhimanyu, Inspector makes sense of that he accomplishes such a great deal for him yet he actually faults him, Angad makes sense of that the youngster is as yet oblivious yet when she awakens then would come clean that she is the girl of both Abhimanyu and Niyati yet the greater dread is that Abhimanyu would figure out reality that he is the person who got her hijacked, on the grounds that his mom told that Niyati was mixed up anyway on the off chance that reality comes out, Abhimanyu would figure out that she additionally misled him and afterward he wouldn’t leave them both, Inspector proposes him to call each individuals whom he knows as they would have the option to end the existence of Niyati’s girl.

Meera is sitting adjacent to Kavya when Abhimanyu goes into the room, she makes sense of that Kavya fell asleep while hanging tight for him, she gets some information about Nidtiya when Abhimanyu makes sense of she is as yet oblivious yet the reports would return tomorrow and afterward the specialists would conclude the treatment, Abhimanyu demands the consent to take Kavya with him, as now and again the agony is finished when they hold the kids hidden from plain view, he is sorry to Kavya shouting that she is the best offspring of her uncle anyway Kavya requests that he disappear since she no longer needs to be with him, he leaves her while he personally is in torment.

Niyati is sitting close to Nidtiya when she out of nowhere sees that her hands are moving and afterward as Nidtiya wakes up, she begins to kiss them when Nidtiya makes sense of she needs to discuss something significant with her mom, Nidtiya makes sense of that when she went to the house then heard something anyway Niyati encourages her to take the medication and rest since she doesnot know why her little girl gets oblivious, Nidtiya makes sense of it is something significant anyway Niyati says she should initially have something to eat anyway Nidtiya solicitations to talk and doesnot need to eat. Somebody is attempting to get in the house anyway observes that both the primary entryway and windows are locked.

Niyati specifies they need to eat something prior to having the medication, Niyati makes reference to that she took off in the first part of the day while additionally left in the night so should have this food, Nidtiya figures she wouldn’t be irate with her dad assuming she hears what does Nidtiya need to say.

Angad gradually opens the window prior to going into the house.

Niyati asks Nidtiya to unobtrusively take the medication, she asks assuming that Nidtiya is feeling fine inquiring as to whether she is throbbing anyplace, Niyati requests that she wake her up in the evening assuming that she feels any issue, Nidtiya questions how might she say anything when her mom isn’t permitting her, Niyati answers she is discussing the wellbeing, Nidtiya begins hacking when Niyati helps her hydrate, proposing she really wants to rest. Angad going into the house figures he would need to end the kid since on the off chance that she opens the mouth, his arrangements from the beyond six years would be destroyed.

Abhimanyu is sitting when Meera enters referencing kavya said everything in her rest in any case could say nothing, Abhimanyu makes sense of he knows the explanation since he is concentrating on another young lady anyway he makes sense of he can’t end his consideration for Nidtiya in any event, when she isn’t the genuine little girl of Niyati, Meera is stunned so Abhimanyu makes sense of that he wasn’t right as Niyati likewise didn’t wed any other person, he feels a kismet association with her similarly as he felt with Niyati, Meera gets strained.

Nidtiya shouts nobody cherishes her and doesnot need to chat with her since, in such a case that she doesnot talk then how might she have the option to rest, Niyati questions for what reason does she do this since she realizes that her mom wouldn’t have the option to decline anything subsequent to seeing her whimsical face, which she uses to cause her to do everything. Niyati permits her to speak, Nidtiya begins moving when Niyati questions for what reason is she so invigorated in the evening. Nidtiya answers even she would be cheerful after she figures out reality.
Angad sees both Ram and Sulochana are resting in their room so figures they would likewise be dozing; he covers his face with the veil.

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