After raping a woman, she was raped and invited to guest house


New Delhi, Jagran Correspondent. A young man raped the woman after a friendship at matrimonial sites. The accused committed the crime by promising to marry the woman and then blocked her from social media and her number. After this, the woman made a complaint against the accused to the Defense Colony police station. On the complaint of the woman, the police registered a case under sections of rape and arrested the accused Shah Kanwar Ali and sent him to jail.

The woman wanted to get married after divorce

The police officer said that the 28-year-old victim lives in the defense colony and is facing a case of divorce from her first husband. As a result, his family is searching for a boy for a second marriage. According to the woman, there was every hope of getting divorced, so had searched for the boy.

The victim, in her complaint to the police, told that she had created her account for marriage at a matrimonial site. Through this account, he met the accused Shah Kanwar Ali. The two struck up a friendship and the two started talking on the phone. On 2 January, the accused called the victim to meet her.

Formed a physical relationship with a woman by pretending to marry

The accused then took him to a guest house and made physical relations with him there. After making a relationship, the two went to their respective homes. According to the woman, the accused promised marriage before having a physical relationship.

The next day, the accused stopped picking up the victim’s phone. Apart from this, the accused blocked the victim from his account made on matrimonial sites and other social media. The victim tried several times to meet the accused, but could not find it, which upset the woman and made a complaint to the police. The police arrested the accused from her home after undergoing medical treatment of the woman.


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