After Corona, a new crisis in front of the people of Delhi, the lines started


New Delhi / Desk. The capital of the country, Delhi (Delhi), is struggling these days with the catastrophe of Corona. Along with this, now people are also facing water shortage. On the one hand there is talk of social distancing in the country, the nationwide lockdown has been extended till 03 May, while on the other hand there are queues of people in front of the water tanker. People say that they are very upset due to water shortage.

What do people say: The people
of Chila village in Delhi are standing in long queues in the middle of lockdown to collect the drinking water coming from the tanker of Delhi Jal Board. They say that we have to stand in line to store water for 2 to 3 hours. He told that the water tanker comes once in 3 to 4 days. Due to which they have to face the problem of drinking water.

When the politics of
Delhi centered on water, the problem of water in Delhi is not new. People here have been struggling with water problems for a long time. This is the reason that shortly before the Delhi elections, the politics of Delhi was concentrated on water. Kejriwal government has been accused by the opposition for continuously supplying dirty water and not being properly provided with water by the Jal Board.

On the BIS report, there was a ruckus
, the Delhi government got it re-examined after the BIS report said that the water in Delhi was not potable and in that investigation the water was found clean. After that, the Chief Minister of Delhi clearly stated that he has done a lot of work during his tenure on the problem of water in Delhi. The water problem has been solved in about 93 percent of the areas, the pipeline has been laid. However, 07 percent of the areas are where the water problem persists, the Delhi government is trying to solve it.


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