Administration of e-magazine will give information from WhatsApp about damage and disposal methods by burning stubble


Jalandhar, A new initiative has been taken by the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare to make farmers aware on social media for proper disposal of paddy straw. Deputy Commissioner Varinder Kumar Sharma released an e-magazine in this regard on Tuesday. This e-magazine will inform farmers on all platforms of social media about the methods used for disposal of straw, new and modern instruments and ongoing schemes and subsidies to help farmers on behalf of the department.

Inaugurating the hard copy of the e-magazine in the District Administrative Complex, the Deputy Commissioner said that it is a unique initiative by the Department of Agriculture to make farmers aware of the disposal of paddy straw through social media. He said that the use of digital technology is very important to make farmers aware of the benefits and benefits of paddy straw. Today, Punjab has the largest number of mobile connections across the country, which are directly connected with 4G Internet service. He expressed hope that this effort of the Agriculture Department will prove helpful in making the farmers aware of the solution of this long-standing serious matter.

DC said – burning stubble is not a solution

The Deputy Commissioner said that burning paddy straw is very harmful for the health of farmers and the land. This is not a solution to the problem, rather it destroys the fertile power of arable land as well as causes great harm to the environment. By burning paddy straw, nutritious elements of the ground are destroyed and a large number of friends burn. Apart from this, setting fire to the parali also produces many types of poisonous gases which adversely affect human health.

Create WhatsApp groups at district and block level for e-magazine

On this occasion, Chief Agriculture Officer Dr. Nazar Singh and Agriculture Officer Dr. Naresh Gulati told the Deputy Commissioner that this e-magazine will be made available to the farmers through Facebook and WhatsApp. For this, WhatsApp groups have been formed at the district and block levels.


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