Accused arrested in lover’s murder of girlfriend with ax


Palwal (Dinesh Kumar): In the village Jodhpur of Palwal 15 days ago, the accused of killing a girlfriend with an ax and killing her father with a drunken boyfriend and murdering his father has been arrested by the Sadar police station. The police has produced the accused in court and taken on police remand. The ax used in the crime has been recovered from the accused during the remand period.

According to the information, Palwal DSP Suresh Kumar said that the Sadar police station police received information from the informer that the accused who attacked his girlfriend with an ax is present near Agra Chowk. Which is in the direction of going out somewhere. As soon as the information was received, a team was formed under the leadership of the police station in-charge Jitendra Kumar, and was arrested on the spot and the accused was arrested.

Explain that during interrogation, the accused told his name to Satish resident village Jodhpur. A case was registered against the accused Satish on the complaint of Ramesh Chand, father of deceased girlfriend Ritu. Significantly, the accused Satish had an affair with a woman named Ritu. On the night of 19 January, Ritu came to Satish’s house. At that time, Satish was drunk. Satish asks Ritu to return and a quarrel ensues between the two. Satish attacked with an ax and killed Ritu. Hearing the noise, when Satish’s father Kishan Singh came on the spot, he also attacked and injured him and escaped from the spot.


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