AAP will get 4 rupees unit if it comes to power in AAP 2022 election: Arora


Chandigarh: The Punjab unit of the Aam Aadmi Party has said that if their party comes to power in the 2022 assembly elections, they will definitely increase the power to Rs 4. Aman Arora, the party’s legislator and commander of the power movement, prepared a seventeen-page white paper and released the vision document, in which the facts and facts of the government electricity department and private power companies have been exposed.

He alleged that Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Sukhbir Badal, who were Deputy Chief Ministers in the previous government, accused the power mafia of protecting them. He said here today that his loot has thrown out the bankruptcy of Punjab and Punjabis. A future ‘road map’ is also shown in this document. If the Punjab government cancels and reviews the power purchase agreement made with private power companies, then electricity for every class of electricity can be got cheaper by up to Rs 4 per unit. Arora said that despite not taking electricity with Rajpura, Talwandi Sabo and Goindwal Sahib Thermals, the fixed charge fixed for 25 years at Rs 3513 crore annually for 25 years is falling to Punjab and Punjabis at Rs 87,825 crore. Had the agreements been made on the lines of Gujarat also, this private thermal would not have fallen on Punjab like this. 10, in 20 years with Rs 500 crore per year without dues of coal wash

According to him, Punjab is behind the country with 15.21 percent in exploiting the capacity of government thermal plants. Due to which the burden of Rs 741 crores is falling on the consumers. The state has also left everyone behind by fixing fixed charges of Rs 1.36 per unit. With Sasan Thermal Plant this is fixed at 0.17 paise only. With this, 68203.61 crore will have to be paid in 25 years. The government is incurring an annual loss of Rs 700 crore due to non-running of the coal pit in Pachhwada, while power theft is falling for Rs 1800 crore. He said that Punjab is above all with a 16.34 percent TND deficit, while a 1 percent TND deficit means a loss of Rs 300 crore. On the other hand, by levying a tax of 1.33 money per unit on electricity, the government has left all the states behind, Which is 5 paise in UP and 21 paise in Haryana and 25 paise in Delhi. He claimed that the first power agreement will be canceled, reviewed and audited so that the loot can be stopped.


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