aAction on Mafia: Bulldozers fired on illegal plating of former MPs and gangsters of Mafia Atik


Prayagraj, J.N.N. On Saturday, a bulldozer of the Prayagraj Development Authority went on illegal plotting in Bhutto and Rashid’s Beli Cachar, two gangs of former MP and Mafia Atik Ahmed. Under the leadership of Tehsildar and PDA Special Officer Alok Pandey, the action to dislodge illegal platting started on Saturday afternoon. A large number of police forces were also present during this period.

Atiq’s two shooters had illegal plotting in Bailey Cachar

Illegal plating was done in two places on the state land of Baali Cachar at about 200 square yards and 500 square yards. The value of these lands is being valued in crores. The shooters of Bhutto and Rashid Atik are being described. It was he who plotted illegally. The action of running the bulldor on this plotting started at about one and a half on Saturday afternoon. When the bulldozers reached there, they were surprised as to what action was going to take place. However, he came to know about this shortly.

Action is going on against the former MP and the operatives

Action is being taken against former MP and Mafia Atik Ahmed and against his henchmen. Administration and the police are running a stick on immovable properties acquired illegally. Now along with this, the police of Prayagraj has also started action on many more operatives of Atik. The police has gathered information about those who make illegal property through crime. Some of the buildings under construction have been identified, which will soon be called for action.
Buildings being built in Dhumanganj and Kareli

Officials claim that many active members of Atik’s gang IS-227 have earned immense wealth by trafficking in land. From the posh area to other places, disputed and government land is also occupied. Plot is being changed to form a commercial and residential building on it. So far, it has been discovered that a multi complex is being constructed in Roshanbagh, Khuldabad. Two houses are being built in Gausnagar of Kareli and several henchmen in Pipalgaon, Jhalwa of Dhumganj.

Detecting immovable and benami properties

It is being said that after building houses close to the mafia, they sell it and do not pass the map to Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA). Therefore, such immovable and benami properties are being traced. Those that have been identified will be verified by the team of PDA, Municipal Corporation and Revenue. Only then will the demolition and attachment action be implemented. SSP Best Tripathi said that action is going on against other gangsters including Mafia Atiq. Detection of immovable property illegally captured and acquired through crime is being done.

Made a groundbreaking from home to office

The team of police, administration and PDA have set up several houses including Atik’s residence, office, cold storage. Due to this action, the mafia has been hurt by crores of rupees. At the same time, seven immovable properties have been attached in Khuldabad, Dhumganj and Civil lines. The process of confiscation of three properties is still pending.

Flats in Lucknow, Delhi are also on target


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