A day before the wedding, the bride went on a mare, people kept watching


Hoshiarpur (Amrik): On one hand, while the girl is killed in the womb, on the other hand, a family in Hoshiarpur has set a different precedent in the entire country by putting her daughter on a mare before marriage.

PunjabKesari, bride ride on mare the day before wedding

Raj Kumar, a resident of Shakti Nagar in Hoshiarpur, offered his daughter a mare a day before the wedding. He said that he had a dream from the beginning that he would do something different in his daughter’s wedding. He told his family that the girl should be carried on a different custom by riding the mare like the boys and all agreed to this. Then a day before the wedding, he mounted his daughter on a mare and drove her across the locality.

The girl’s mother said that she is also a girl, so from the beginning she did not make any difference between girls and boys. All the hobbies of boys have got girls done and nowadays there is no difference between girls and boys. He said that if seen, girls are ahead of boys.


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