84 Sikh massacres: false testimony against murderer Sajjan Kumar

84 Sikh massacres: false testimony against murderer Sajjan Kumar

New Delhi, Oct 17 (Agencies): A major revelation has been made about the Sikh killings in Delhi. It has been revealed in the court that the police have come to the rescue of the accused. Because of this, justice has not been received even after so many years. In fact, police have clashed with Sajjan Kumar and other accused in the Churasi Sikh massacre. At Patiala House Court on Wednesday, it was revealed that the police had been providing a clean chit to the accused by the fake witnesses. Police have obtained a clean chit for Sajjan Kumar by appearing in a fake Joginder Singh court.

He said that the fake Joginder Singh filed his statement under section 164 in the court. He continued in court saying that Sajjan Kumar and other accused were innocent in the 1984 murder cases. The confrontation with the police of the accused was revealed when the real Joginder Singh appeared in Patiala House Court. He stated that he never signed the English court and gave evidence in court because he did not know English. He also stated that he has repeatedly testified to police that he had seen Sajjan Kumar murdered by his brother and that he was guilty of the 1984 Sikh massacre.

Sirsa said that during the hearing today, Sajjan Kumar’s lawyer opposed the filing of the original Joginder Singh’s statement in the court, but the judge said that considering the sensitivity of the matter, he had approved the original Joginder Singh’s statement. He also informed that the CBI in the court said that the police was involved with the accused.


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