6 amazing eclipses of eclipse will be made by the year 2020, starting with the eclipse lunar eclipse


National Desk: The movement of the Sun, Earth and Moon will show astrophysicists around the world six exciting views of the eclipse in 2020, including two solar eclipses and four lunar eclipses. However, only three of these astronomical events are expected to be seen in India. Dr. Rajendraprakash Gupta, Superintendent of Ujjain’s prestigious Government Jiwaji Observatory said on Thursday that the process of astronomical events of eclipses this year will begin with the lunar eclipse on Friday and Saturday.

When the first eclipse of
2020, the first eclipse of 2020 will appear in India on 10 January. According to Indian time, it will start at 10:36 pm on Friday night and will end at 02:44:04. This is a lunar eclipse. The eclipse lunar eclipse occurs when the moon orbiting the Earth passes through the “penumbra” (the lighter part of the earth’s shadow). At this time the sunlight falling on the moon appears to be partially cut off and the eclipse can be seen as a blurred shadow falling on the moon.

When will eclipse

This year, on the intervening night of June 5 and 6, a second lunar eclipse will take place. This eclipse will also be visible in India.
The annular solar eclipse on 21 June can also be seen in India.
After this, on July 5 and November 30, there will be sequential lunar eclipses. However, both eclipses will not be able to be seen in India, as both will be days in India when the astronomical events occur.
The sixth and last eclipse of the year will take place as a full solar eclipse on December 14. This eclipse also will not be seen in India because it will be night in the country. In the year 2019, three solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses were seen in different regions of the world.


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