5 miscreants robbed hostage, rim and tires by showing weapons


Yamunanagar (Satish): The rogue truck driver was taken hostage and looted 12 tires including the rim on the Cal-Kalanaur new bypass highway. On the way, the crooks also took a purse and mobile filled with 10,000 rupees. About 5 hours later, after the arrival of another truck driver, the hostage driver was opened and informed the police. Sadar Yamunanagar police reached the spot and after investigation registered a case. The area where the truck driver was taken hostage belongs to the Kalanaur outpost.

Kalanaur outpost incharge Kushpal Rana says that he reached the spot as soon as the information was received. A case has been registered in this case on the statement of the truck driver. Teams are on the lookout for miscreants. When the truck stopped for food, the truck driver Sajandeep Singh, a resident of Punjab, told in a statement to the police that he was going to take the mining material from Sarsawa to Gulabgarh in Khizrabad.

When it reached Kalanaur at around 1 in the night, the truck stopped at the dhaba for food. There, 5 miscreants surrounded him and took him in a truck and brought him to Kail from the new bypass. Here 2 kept him hostage in the truck itself. While others continued to open the truck wheels. The miscreants also had weapons.

The crooks took away his purse and 12 wheels of the truck, including the rim. The miscreants also had their own truck. He took the wheels of the truck in it. Then another truck driver came and saw him and opened his arms and legs. After this information was given to the police. The crooks park the truck on wooden gutters and 2 jacks.


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