388 wildlife crime cases registered last year, most related to leopards


New Delhi, National Desk.In the year 2018, 388 cases of wildlife related crimes were registered under the Wildlife Protection Act. This information has come from a reply given in the Parliament by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change recently.

Of the 388 out of 123 cases registered, one in every three cases was related to leopard or tiger. Of these 81 cases, one in every five cases related to leopards and 42 cases related to tigers. In all, 61 cases related to migratory birds were registered.

Out of 388, 259 cases i.e. two out of every three cases were related to only five species. It consisted of leopard (21 percent), protected birds (16 percent), tiger tortoises (11 percent) or sea turtles (10 percent) and deer (nine percent).

If talked about on a large scale, 90 percent of the cases are related to wildlife of 10 species. Eleven percent of elephant-related cases, five percent of snakes, four percent of rhinoceros, four percent of mongoose and four percent of pangolins have been reported.

The remaining ten percent of the cases are related to ten other species, including toke gecko (a species of lizard) and monkey. Overall, the number of wildlife crime cases has decreased since 2016, but increased slightly in 2018 as compared to 2017. In 2016, 565 cases were registered and in 2017 342 cases were registered.

Efforts are being made

The Ministry has reported in its report that the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau has been set up to gather intelligence about the illegal trade and hunting of animals. Funds are provided by the Center in states and union territories under centrally operated schemes such as’ Project Tiger ‘,’ Project Elephant ‘Development of Wildlife Habitats’

  • Species registered case share (in percentage)
    Leopard 81 20.9
    Protected Birds 61 15.7
    Tiger 42 10.8
    Star tortoise and sea turtle 39 10.1
    Deer 369.3
    Elephant 27 7.0
    Snake 19 4.9
    Rhinoceros 16 4.1
    Mongoose 15 3.9
    Pangolin 14 3.6
    Other 389.8
    Total 388 100


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