102 billion of Bihar’s investors stranded in Yes Bank, long line outside branch in Patna


Nalini Ranjan, Patna. The problems of customers of this bank have increased since the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stopped many services of private sector Yes Bank. Following the announcement of Yes Bank’s closure, people are skeptical about the capital deposited in Bihar. More than 102.16 billion people of the state have been trapped in the bank. However, the bank has also disbursed more than 11 billion loans in Bihar.

Three branches working in Bihar

According to the details kept in the recent meeting of the State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC), three branches of Yes Bank are reported to be functioning in Bihar. On Friday, a large crowd of customers gathered outside and inside the branch located on Exhibition Road in the capital, but no one was allowed to withdraw more than 50,000. Till midday there was a situation of chaos. Later customer checks were taken. The personnel started paying customers money in the afternoon.

ATM Card and Internet Banking Services Stalled

In fact, Yes Bank’s ATM card, mobile and internet banking services are at a standstill. This has caused the customers to worry about sinking the accumulated capital. Although the bank officials and workers are saying the amount is safe. Suman, who arrived from Kidwaipuri, said that she has three accounts in the bank. Have taken the locker. If the bank sank, we would hit the road. Manish Kumar, who came from Bakarganj, said that the closure of digital transactions has caused problems.

Most debt drowned

It is known that most of the loans distributed by Yes Bank have sunk. The bank is struggling with this problem. Yes Bank is also facing a lot of problems in raising new capital. Due to this, the bank has also not announced the December 2019 quarterly results. The bank’s secured capital has been reduced due to NPAs.


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